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Bluetooth transmitters are devices that provide wireless data transmission between devices. They connect equipment that is equipped with Bluetooth technology, namely: smartphones, tablets, computers, headphones wireless, with others. They make it possible to transmit audio and video signals to listen to music, watch movies, make phoneical calls, as well as to connect keyboards, mice, printers and other devices. In the Shop you can find FM transmitters for your car and for headphones and TV.

Bluetooth transmitters can be divided into several types, depending on the application, these are:

  • FM Bluetooth transmitters for car,
  • bluetooth transmitters for headphones,
  • bluetooth transmitters for television,
  • bluetooth transmitters for other devices.

Bluetooth car transmitters

Bluetooth FM transmitters for car allow you to send audio signal from your mobile device to speakercars. This is done by connecting to the FM radio or Aux input. They also allow you to make phone calls safely in your car.

They are small products that plug into the cigarette lighter socket to wirelessly transfer audio from phone or other mobile device to the car's audio system. Car transmitters are a convenient solution for listening to music, podcasts or audiobooks without the need for a cable.

Ugreen Bluetooth transmitters with charger

Some models of Ugreen transmitters allow you to safely make phone calls via speakers car thanks to a built-in microphone. Often they have additional features, such as: charger car, or music player from a flash drive or memory Cards. The UGREEN CD229 transmitter has three USB ports, two of which allow fast charging and one of which allows music playback from a flash drive. The device also supports intelligent monitoring of the vehicle's battery voltage and provides a reliable connection thanks to Bluetooth 5.0. The product is easy to use and safe to use.

Bluetooth transmitters for headphones and TV

Bluetooth transmitters for headphones transmit audio from a TV, laptop or other devices to wireless headphones via Bluetooth. Exactly the same as Bluetooth transmitters for keyboards, mice and other devices you can connect to your TV.

Bluetooth transmitters are easy to use and safe to use, and Bluetooth 5.0 provides a reliable connection and allows you to make safe phone calls in your car. They are very popular devices that enable wireless audio and video transmission, which increases their usability and your convenience for work, relaxation and travel.