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Phone Mounts Ugreen

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In the Shop you will find mounty for phone for almost every type of vehicle. We have prepared for you an offer of mounts for cars, bikes, motorcycles, scooters, as well as several desk stands. Each of these products will make it easier for you to comfortably use phone, when your hands are busy every day. Explore our entire range of phone mounts by Ugreen!

Phone mounts

Phone mounts are stands and accessories designed to mount phone in the car, on a motorcycle, bicycle and desk. In our shop, you will buy each of these gadgets. With phone ount for your car, you can safely use your smartphone while driving. We have many types of mounts for cars, such as mounts for the air vents, suction cups for the windshield or dashboard, as well as mounty that mounts in the cigarette lighter socket. Phone mounts for bicycle you will find in our shop are designed to securely mount phone on the handlebars of your bicycle. We have mounts with adjustable straps or clamps that hold phone in place while providing protection from vibration and shock.

If you ride a motorcycle, we also have several products for you. Phone mounts for motorcycle ensure that phone is securely fastened to the handlebars, and have safety mechanisms to ensure that phone stays in place even during vibration and wind.

Stands for phone

For those who work at a desk, we have a large range of stands for phone, also called stands or mountdesk stands. They are designed for indoor use on a desk or other flat surface. They are adjustable, foldable or fixed, allowing you to comfortably position phone in the right position. Desk stands are ideal for use when watching movies, video chatting, reading text messages and other activities that require stable phone positioning on a desk top.

Phone mounts and desk stands by Ugreen

In the Shop offers mounty on phone, which enable you to use it comfortably. Below are, several types of our products:

  • Ugreen racks at phone. An example of this product is the smartphone stand tripod for phone gray (LP263). These are foldable stands that allow you to comfortably watch videos, make video calls and play games on your smartphone. Made of steel, metal or aluminum, with folding designs for easy carrying and storage. They have an adjustable tilt of up to 180° and silicone pads that provide stability and protection phone, and openings at cable chargers allow easy power supply while in use.
  • Magnetic mounts Ugreen. In our shop product UGREEN LP290 is an example mount for the car's ventilation grille. These accessories are equipped with neodymium magnets, fit smartphones of different diagonal display. Mounts do not interfere with the signal, and silicone pads protect phone from shocks.
  • Ugreen LP427 is a stand, stand for phone (black). It provides comfort while working, watching videos and recording. The adjustable mount allows you to adjust the phone position to your preference, and the foldable design allows for easy portability. The use of phone Ugreen stands is versatile: when recording videos, watching movies, while traveling and other activities thatmagay comfortable phone positioning.

All of these types of phone mounts Ugreen are designed to provide safe and comfortable phone use in a variety of situations. Choosing the right mount depends on individual preferences, the type of vehicle or where it will be used.