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iPhone Mounts Ugreen

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iPhone mounts are Ugreen brand accessories designed for phone Apple. In our shop you will buy different types of mounty to iPhone: car mounts, desk, magnetic, folding or wall-mounted. Each of them will ensure the safety of your iPhone, while you keep your hands busy. Explore our entire range of Ugreen products!

iPhone Mounts and Stands

iPhone Mounts and Stands allow comfortable use of phone Apple during various activities. This is a good solution for people who want to use phone in the car, while riding a bicycle or motorcycle. Mounting mount on the dashboard or in the air vents allows you to keep phone visible, while providing easy access to display.

The offer of iPhone mounts:

  • Car mounts to iPhone allow you to securely mount phone in your car, allowing you to use navigation functions, take calls or play music while driving.
  • Desk mounts for the iPhone provide stable support for your phone while using it on your desk, allowing you to browse content, video conference or watch movies comfortably.
  • Magnetic mounts to iPhone use strong magnes to hold phone in place, providing convenient mounting and dismounting of the device.
  • Foldable iPhone stands are portable solutions that can be easily folded and carried, ideal for travel.
  • Wall-mounted to iPhone allow you to mount phone on the wall for easy access and charging.

Ugreen's iPhone mounts provide convenience, security and versatility in using your iPhone. They are tailored to users' needs and lifestyles, allowing them to use their phone freely in a variety of situations.

iPhone Mounts Ugreen

In the Shop offers mounts to iPhone, which provide:

  • convenience,
  • stability,
  • versatility in the use of phone.

Available in the Shop products are characterized by precise workmanship and the use of durable materials. This guarantees not only safe holding phone, but also long-lasting use. We have folding iPhone stands that can be used as tripods for phone. Such products allow stable positioning of the device when taking photos, recording video or conducting video conferences. They are also lightweight and convenient to carry and store on the go.

In the iPhone mounts Ugreen for example: LP290 you will attach to the grille. We have several magnetic mounty that provide easy attachment and removal phone. With strong magnes and robust mounty construction, they provide a secure phone position even during bumps in the road.

iPhone stands by Ugreen can perform several functions. Such is Ugreen LP427, which is at the same time a stand that you use at work and a tripod for recording videos or making calls. Made of durable material, it provides a stable hold phone in a vertical and horizontal position.