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Microphone XLR Cables Ugreen

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Cables microphone XLR provide high quality sound. You will connect them to audio devices such as microphones, speakers, amplifiers and sound mixers. Cables Ugreen's new XLR mics are also used in lighting controls, low-voltage power supplies and other devices. It's a key part of the professional sound you'll get from Ugreen. Check out our offer!

Microphone XLR Cables

Cables microphone XLR, also known as External Line Return, is a type of electrical connector that is used in professional audio, video and stage lighting equipment. Cables XLRs are usually recognized by their round shape and have 3 to 7 pins. Audio: found versions with three pins: one is responsible for positive polarity, the second for negative polarity, and the third serves as ground (cable shield). With these microphone XLR cables, it is possible to effectively transmit high current voltages between devices in a standard way such as Phantom Power.

Microphone XLR Cables exist in male and female versions. XLR connectors from different manufacturers such as Ugreen are compatible with each other, with the exception of six-pin models, which come in two incompatible designs. XLR microphone cables are universal, making them the industry standard. For singing, XLR microphones are considered superior because they are balanced, meaning they eliminate background sounds, focusing only on the voice. This makes them an ideal choice for professional and novice artists who want the best sound quality.

Cables XLR mics offer more freedom and flexibility because they are not limited to computer connections. You can record with them both analog (to tape) and digitally. They also make it easier to balance multiple XLR microphones, which is more complicated with USB microphones.

Microphone XLR are cables, which transform raw sound into premium audio, supply users an unparalleled sound experience. Whether you're a professional artist, sound engineer or audio enthusiast, cables XLRs are essential for achieving the best sound quality.

Microphone XLR Cables Ugreen

Microphone XLR Cables Ugreen are a high quality cables and microphone cables. Our products, such as Ugreen AV131 and microphone cable extension Ugreen AV130, are designed to meet the needs of professional musicians and audio enthusiasts.

Ugreen's products are used to connect a microphone or musical instrument to a variety of XLR connector-equipped equipment, such as speakers, amplifiers, mixing tables and matrix switchers. Microphone XLR cables Ugreen not only extend the range to allow free movement, but also protect the XLR connector on the equipment from damage due to constant movement.

Cables XLR Ugreen feature exceptional sound quality thanks to their triple displayowed oxygen free copper conductors. They provide clear and noise-free sound. The use of premium materials, such as an outer PVC cable jacket, provides flexibility and resistance to breakage and damage. Metal XLR connectors permanently hold in the device and will not fall out.