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Tablet Stands and Holders Ugreen

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Ugreen tablet stands are a narrow group of products, ideal for portable electronic devices, such as tablets, laptops and phones. In our offer you will find tablet stands, the angle of which you can adjust to your height and eyesight. They make several hours of work at the tablet more comfortable, you adopt the correct posture, and the equipment is better cooled. Explore all our Ugreen products!

Tablet mounts and holders

Tablet mount is a gadget that will keep your tablet stable when you need it. In the Shop has a wide selection of these accessories, made of durable materials such as aluminum alloy. Mounts for your tablet provide stable and secure support for your device, making it easier to watch movies, read e-books, browse the web and use applications. You don't have to hold the tablet in your hand for long periods of time, which can lead to fatigue and uncomfortable hand positioning.

Tablet mounts also give you the ability to adjust the tilt angle, allowing you to adjust display to the optimal viewing position. You can customize mounts to your needs, ensuring your comfort and convenience while using your tablet.

Tablet stands

In the Shop you will buy several types of tablet stands. Our offer includes desktop stands and folding stands. Each of these mount is carefully designed and made of high quality materials, which guarantees durability and usability for a long time.

Ugreen tablet stands are not only practical tools, but also a stylish accessory. Designed in a minimalist, modern style to match your Apple, DELL, Lenovo, or HP devices. Also important is the design and the ability to tilt mount at any angle. At we care about ergonomics at work and we want to offer it to you too, through products that you can customize yourself.

Mounts for Ugreen tablet

Ugreen tablet stands provide stable support and convenience of using tablets in various situations. You can use them at work by placing them on your desk, and they are also suitable for working or studying at home. They make prolonged use of portable equipment more comfortable and better for your posture. Several groups of our products:

  1. Ugreen LP241 is a representative of folding Tablet stands that:

    • Provide solid support for your tablet.
    • Equipped with an adjustable tilt angle, they allow display to be optimally adjusted to the user's preference.
    • Foldable design makes the stands easy to carry and store.
    • Made of high quality materials.
  2. Ugreen LP134 represents Tablet stands (silver):

    • They have ergonomic bases, provide stable holding of tablet in vertical position.
    • Compatible with different sizes of tablets, thanks to adjustable cutouts.
    • Solid metal construction for durability and strength.
    • Non-slip pads on the base to prevent the stands from sliding.

Ugreen tablet stands are designed to provide you with comfort, stability and an optimal viewing angle. Many of them are universal products suitable for tablets and laptops. They are lightweight and don't take up much space in your bag or on your desk. They make tablet use more comfortable and efficient whether at home, in the office or on the go.