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Laptop Chargers Ugreen

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Chargers for laptop allow you to charge your laptop battery using a power outlet. And chargers for laptop by Ugreen will do it safely and quickly. In our shop you will find a charger for almost any laptop: Apple, DELL, Lenovo, HP, Asus, Acer and others. Explore the offer for your laptop and choose the best charger!

Chargers for laptop

Chargers for laptop computers offer a variety of powerful charges and connectors, allowing them to be matched to the requirements of a specific workstation. The most common are chargers with 45 watts, 65 watts, 100 watts and 140 watts. The higher-powered ones allow faster battery charging and charging of other devices at the same time, as they usually have multiple ports and are based on GaN technology.

Depending on the application, chargers for laptops can be equipped with different connectors. The most common are USB-C connectors, which allow fast charging and data transfer. Some also have traditional USB connectors.

Chargers for laptop also have features such as:

  • Quick Charge - fast charging of devices compatible with this technology,
  • Power Delivery - transmitting more power, allowing devices to charge faster
  • SCP, FCP, AFC - technologies that allow fast charging of devices of other brands than the manufacturer's device chargers,
  • GaN - technology that allows more charging power in a smaller size.

All power supplies must be tailored to the requirements of a specific laptop. Pay attention to the connectors and charging power to ensure correct and safe charging of batteries.

Chargers for laptop Ugreen

Chargers for laptops by Ugreen is a high-quality equipment, ensuring full safety of your portable computer. With systems that prevent overheating and overvoltage, they work well even for very expensive equipment. We have a variety of types of Ugreen chargers, and each of them is characterized by different technical parameters and additional features.

In our shop you can buy models with one or more USB-C and USB-A ports. They have different output power levels: from 45W to even 200W. All chargers Ugreen support various fast charging standards, such as Power Delivery 3.0, Quick Charge 4.0, SCP, FCP, AFC.

For the more demanding customers, we have introduced chargers for GAN (Gallium Nitride) laptops. This type allows you to fit more performance into a smaller charger while maintaining high output power. Many of them have built-in protection against overvoltage, overheating and overload. All to ensure the complete safety of your laptop.

One of our most popular products is the multi-port charger for laptop 200W. It has 4 USB-C ports and 2 USB-A inputs, allowing you to charge as many as 6 devices simultaneously. Ugreen's CD271 also has a function that automatically adjusts the output power to your device, so you won't have to wonder if this charger is suitable for your device.

All of our chargers for Ugreen laptops are designed to please the eye. We pay attention to design so that the shape and color match the look of your laptop. Solid workmanship is also an important aspect, so that our products will serve you for as long as possible.