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MacBook Chargers Ugreen

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Chargers for MacBooks is an accessory designed to supply battery power to laptops Apple. The transfer is carried out via a USB-C port. In the Shop offers solidly made chargers for your laptop Apple, in which you can decide: charging power, number of ports, technologies used for fast charging and materials used in their construction.

Chargers for Macbook

Chargers for MacBooks vary in terms of power (measured in watts), connector types, charging technology and compatibility with individual laptop models Apple.

MacBooks can use chargers up to 140W, which you can find in our shopu offer. Higher wattage speeds up charging, but it is important to match the chargers wattage to the specific MacBook model. This affects optimal performance and the longest possible battery life.

The latest MacBooks use USB-C connectors for charging. They are fail-safe, universal and can transfer data and power. Some laptop models Apple use cables MagSafe, which automatically connect to the charging port using magnes.

How to choose a charger for a Macbook?

Choosing chargers for a laptop Apple is very easy, just consider several factors: power, connector, fast charging capability and compatibility.

Many of the MacBook chargers in our range support fast charging technology, or Power Delivery (PD), which allows the battery to be charged to 50% of capacity in about 30 minutes.

Chargers Macbook should be compatible with both the laptop model Apple, as well as its requirements power supply. Although lower-powered chargers (such as those designed for charging phone) can be used, the charging process can be much slower and this is not recommended for regular use.

Chargers for MacBook Ugreen

Choosing the right chargers ensures fast and efficient charging, and can extend the battery life of your MacBook. That's why in our shop range of chargers we have matched requirements  of Apple brand laptops. We present some product examples:

  • Charger UGREEN GaN 30W it's a compact device with a single USB-C port. It is made of gallium nitride (GaN), making it a smaller, more efficient and durable device than others. This charger supports Power Delivery 3.0 (PD3.0) technology.
  • Charger UGREEN CD328 Nexode has up to four ports - three USB-C and one USB-A - and offers a maximum power of 100W. This charger also uses GaN technology and supports PD3.0, which means it can quickly charge your MacBook and support other devices at the same time.
  • Charger UGREEN CD226 is another option with four ports (three USB-C and one USB-A), up to 100W, and supports PD3.0 and QC4.0 (Quick Charge 4.0). This charger comes with cables with a length of 1.5 meters, giving users more freedom when charging.
  • Charger UGREEN CD294 it has two USB-C ports and 45W of power. Also, it uses GaN technology and supports PD3.0 and QC4.0. It is a good option for users who need chargers moderate power, but still want to enjoy the benefits of fast charging.
  • Charger UGREEN CD289 has three ports (two USB-C and one USB-A) and offers a top power of 140W. This charger also uses GaN technology and comes with cables with a length of 2 meters.

Chargers for MacBooks by Ugreen are specialized devices that provide power for laptops Apple. Important features to consider when choosing chargers for MacBook are power, number of ports, fast charging technology and connector type. All these features affect charging speed, convenience of use and compatibility with various devices.