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Cases Ugreen

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In addition to the basic accessory case to iPhone, we also have Ugreen bags and boxes for other devices. In the Shop you can find case for devices from 2.5 to 14.9 inches. You will protect your hard drive, iPhone, laptop, MacBook, headphones and Nintendo Switch Oled with them. Various colors and models are available to choose from. Universal phone Case Ugreen fit perfectly in your hand. Thanks to them you will protect your phone from shocks, scratches or broken glass during a fall. The smartphone will still remain in good condition, maintaining its value. This will allow you to avoid the additional cost of replacing screen or the back cover phone. Using phone at case Ugreen reduces the risk of damage, especially when models have a glass back.

Drive Case

Rigged drive case SSD, HDD protect them from damage. All the data stored on them remains safe. Simple installation will make it easy for you to use your hard drive immediately. External enclosures ensure heat dissipation and high data transfer speeds between devices. Case Ugreen for external drives have an impact-, shock- and splash-resistant design. You can also easily store cable, headphones or charger in the box.

Case Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch case are special cases designed to store and carry the Nintendo Switch console and its accessories. Case they are equipped with soft and shock-resistant foam, which provides optimal protection for the console from bumps, scratches or shocks. The protective cover is made of hard EVA and UPC materials, which makes case very strong and durable. They prevent damage to the console in case of impacts and large pressure differences during transportation. Case it also has a groove inside the case, which perfectly fits the Nintendo Switch and the docking station. Case on the Nintendo Switch Ugreen is easy to carry and very convenient.

Case MacBook

Macbook case Ugreen is compatible with Apple MacBook devices. You can also fit small accessories such as: headphones, charger, mouse, keys, flash drive, memory Cards, drive and phone. This way your devices and accessories will always be available in one place.

Case for Laptop

Thanks to the large number of pockets in laptop case you will also fit a tablet or other mobile device. Case for Ugreen laptop will avoid carrying several bags with you. This will ensure safety during transport, travel or use. The right material will protect your device on the way to work, school and while traveling.

iPhone Case

In the offer shop we have various cases to choose from: case iPhone 11, iPhone 12, iPhone 13, iPhone 14 and others. Phone Case Samsung, Apple will allow you to use your smartphone safely. Ugreen cases are precisely tailored to each model phone. They are distinguished by their unique design and reliable quality. In combination with tempered glass, or protective film case on iPhone Ugreen provides great protection. We also offer magnetic phone Case, which is compatible with Apple MagSafe, which allows wireless charging phone without removing the case and connecting the charging cable.

Headphones Case

Having headphones case Ugreen you won't have to wonder where your headphones are again. Rolled up in the box, headphones wired cables will never again get carried around the house tangled. You'll also store headphones wireless Apple AirPods in the case. The hard, stylish case equipped with a snap hook will be perfect for storing any model of headphones.