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Sound Cards Ugreen

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External sound cards, also known as music cards when connected to a laptop, desktop computer or phone gain many functions. The sound cards available at our shop are: USB-A Mini Jack 3.5mm sound cards, Bluetooth sound cards.

USB and Mini Jack sound cards

Ugreen USB sound cards have several inputs. You can connect speaker and microphone and headphones with a 3.5mm Mini Jack connector at the same time. If necessary, you will connect two pairs of headphones to the sound card. This allows two people to comfortably listen to music or watch movies from one device without worrying about sharing one set of headphones. The handy Ugreen sound card allows you to adjust the volume and turn the sound on and off.

Bluetooth sound cards

The Bluetooth sound cards we offer will turn your headphones wired into a wireless one. Just plug headphones into the card, connect to your mobile device and enjoy the convenience of use and satisfying sound quality.