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Stands Mounts and Holders Ugreen

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Ugreen mounts will make it easier for you to use your mobile device, they will come in handy when traveling, at home and in the office. A wide range will allow you to choose the right mounty for you: for phone, for car, for laptop and tablet. They also fit Apple: iPhone's and MacBooks. They can be mounted on the headrest, on the ventilation grille, air vent, to the dashboard. In the Shop you will also buy mount for bicycle and motorcycle. We have various types of stands and mounts: gravity, magnetic, self-adhesive, clip-on and suction cup.

Car Mounts

Car mounts they will make you stabilize your phone or navigation device in a selected position while driving. They will allow you to charge your device on the road while you freely use your GPS. You don't need to know the exact size of your device, you can place it in the universal mount along with case. Available in our offer mount for the headrest will ensure that your passengers will not have to hold phone or tablet in their hands.

Bike Mounts

Bike mounts Ugreen are some of the most durable accessories for your two-wheeled vehicle. You can place them on the handlebars and fully enjoy a safe ride. They make your trip fully comfortable, you don't have to worry about phone slipping out of mount or falling out during the ride.

Phone Mounts

Ugreen's high-quality phone mounts are easy to use and hassle-free to attach, installation will take you a few moments. The accessory's small size does not limit visibility and ensures safety while traveling, whether by car or bicycle. They perfectly fit the size and silhouette phone. Soft, silicone pads do not cause scratches to the equipment, leaving it intact.

Laptop stands

Choosing laptop stands Ugreen will increase your comfort in using electronic devices. They do not take up much space, also when folded. They are handy and have a large range of adjustment. Depending on the model, you can use them for laptops from 4" to 17" in size.

iPhone Mounts

iPhone mounts can be conveniently operated with one hand. The non-slip folding stand is ideal for phone Apple. In the offer shop you will also find desk stands for iPhone, which can facilitate your daily phone at your desk work.

Tablet Stands

Tablet stands by Ugreen are solidly made accessories that will hold almost any mobile equipment in a stable position. They are extremely functional, in addition to the ability to change the height of mount, you can also vary the angle of their positioning relative to the ground. All this so that you can perfectly adjust the positioning of mount for the tablet to suit you.

Macbook stands

MacBook stands will allow you to place your laptop Apple in them when you are done working, leaving your desk space free. They are designed to keep your Apple laptop in a secure position until you want to change it. Also suitable for smaller mobile devices such as tablets.