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GaN Chargers Ugreen

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Chargers GaN use cutting-edge technology to provide unparalleled performance and charging speed. Our chargers GaN, from Gallium Nitride, is compact, lightweight and much more efficient than standard chargers. Chargers GaN is the future of charging. With, you can experience that future today.

Chargers GaN

GaN technology is a breakthrough in the field of chargers. Compared to traditional ones that use silicon, chargers GaNs are smaller, lighter and more efficient. They also reduce the level of heating of devices, using more efficient cooling systems. Gallium nitride allows for higher thermal conductivity, which enables faster and more efficient charging without excessive heating.

Our chargers GaNs offer different power levels: from 30W to 140W. They are suitable for any type of equipment: from smartphone to laptop, have multiple ports and support fast charging technologies.

GaN charger will charge: smartphone, iPhone, tablet, smartwatch and headphones wireless. They also come with multiple ports, allowing you to charge several devices at once without sacrificing performance. Most of the products in our range support Power Delivery (PD), Programmable Power Supply and Quick Charge (QC) technology for faster charging.

With different ports, e.g. USB-C and USB-A, you can use them for almost any type of equipment, providing versatility and compatibility with different types of devices.

Trust the technology of the future. Experience efficient and fast charging with GaN chargers. Choose UGREEN - the leader in electronic accessories and join our community of satisfied customers.

Chargers GaN Ugreen

We offer more than a dozen types of GaN Ugreen chargers. In addition to their high wattage (up to 140W), large number of ports and unmatched design, they also have other advantages:

  • fireproof housings,
  • support for four devices simultaneously,
  • adjusting the amount of energy supplied to the requirements of the device,
  • charging a MacBook Pro in 2 hours.

The concept of GaN chargers may be new for some, but it is quickly gaining popularity due to the amazing benefits it brings. Gallium nitride is a newj generation semiconductor that is replacing silicon in power electronics.

GaN chargers are more environmentally friendly. Thanks to their higher efficiency, they generate less heat and waste less energy. This makes them an ideal choice for those looking for more sustainable solutions. They are also rugged and durable. Gallium nitride is a material with high resistance to heat and pressure, which means chargers GaN are built to withstand harsh conditions.

UGREEN is a proud manufacturer of GaN chargers that are both functional and aesthetically appealing. Our product line includes models such as:

  • UGREEN GaN CD294 Fast Charger GaN 45W Network Charger,
  • UGREEN GaN 65W USB Type C,
  • UGREEN PD3.0 USB C GaN 30W,
  • UGREEN CD328 Nexode 100W and many more.

For those who are looking for a compact chargers, our UGREEN Nexode Mini High Speed Charger GaN USB-C 30W is the perfect choice. For those who need more power, the UGREEN CD328 Nexode with 3 USB-C ports and one USB-A port offers an impressive 100W.