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USB Hubs Ugreen

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Ugreen USB hubs are devices, used to connect a laptop or phone with a large number of other devices. In the Shop you will buy a multifunctional USB HUB with up to 9 additional high-quality ports. Various connectors allow you to quickly charge your devices, instantly rip and transfer data, for example, from a flash drive, transfer high-quality images in 4K HD resolution, or connect the Internet via an Ethernet connection. With HDMI, DP, VGA you can connect an additional monitor or even a TV. USB hubs give you more options when all the connectors on your laptop are already occupied.

USB Hubs

Ugreen brand USB hubs, depending on the model, are equipped with a different set and number of ports: USB, USB-C, HDMI, VGA, SD, TF card reader. They allow fast transfer of even large files. Ugreen USB hubs have a powering USB-C port with the Power Delivery fast charging standard and increased power levels, up to 100W. The accessories are compatible with MacBook, iMac, iPhone, smartphone of any brand and tablet. They also fit Windows, macOS and Linux laptops.

USB Ugreen Hubs

You will connect a flash drive, game console, hard drive, keyboard, mouse to them. Plugged directly into the HUB, they work both quickly and precisely. Ugreen brand USB hubs are designed for convenience in use and to be ready for use at all times. Constructed to connect multiple devices simultaneously, so you won't feel the lack of more outlets. Once the USB Hub is connected, you don't need to install additional software on your computer, or phone. The material it is made of makes it light in weight and provides durability, it does not overheat. Because of its small size and durable design, it is ideal for your laptop bag and taking on the go.