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Chargers Ugreen

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Chargers are devices that allow you to power phone, tablet and laptop wherever you are. In the Shop offers original, high-quality chargers Ugreen that will serve you for many years. These accessories have been precisely crafted to get a the power to your device in the shortest possible time. These are chargers to phone, which support fast charging functions. It's chargers automotive, which you'll connect thanks to a USB-C or USB-A port. It's also chargers wireless, for which you won't need extra cables. See what other chargers we have for you in the Shop

Chargers Car

Car chargers serve your phone or other devices when you are on the go. Even while driving, you can fully charge phone or your tablet. When you use your smartphone as a navigation device, there is a fear that it will drain, so it is always good to have an Ugreen car charger on the road. In the Shop you will buy the best chargers car charger with Power Delivery and Quick Charge features. You can choose the charging port from: USB, USB-C, USB-A. The power of car chargers has a wide range: 18W, 24W, 36W, 69W - choose the right one for your phone.

Wall Chargers

Wall chargers are the most popular power supplies for phone, laptops and tablets of all brands from Apple to Xiaomi and Samsung. Nowadays they offer enough power: 18W, 65W, 100W, that they can charge your device in a few tens of minutes. What's more, they can supply power to several appliances simultaneously. In many wall chargers GaN you get 3 or 2 USB ports, or USB-C. Equipped with QC 3.0 and 4.0 technology, Power Delivery.

USB-C Chargers

USB-C Chargers have been introduced by many manufacturers as a universal accessory for phone and other devices. In the Shop you will buy them at very attractive prices for such high quality products. With Quick Charge 3.0 and 4.0 you will charge any equipment quickly and safely: phone Samsung, Macbook laptop, or iPad.

Phone Chargers

Phone chargers Samsung, Apple, Oppo, Huawei, or Xiaomi you will find in a variety of variants in the Shop We provide a warranty for each product, taking care of safety and comfort. Whether you are looking for wireless chargers, network, GaN, or multi-port, you will find any type in our shop.

Laptop's Chargers

Laptop's chargers of any type you will find right here. We have divided this category so that you can find the right charger for your laptop Apple, DELL, Lenovo, or HP. You can choose ones with multiple ports that will allow you to quickly charge, for example, a MacBook and iPhone at the same time.

Chargers for Tablet

Chargers for tablet Ugreen are durable and safe accessories that will quickly charge your mobile device. You can take them to work, travel and use them at home. They are lightweight but highly efficient products that have been tailored to tailored to requirements of your tablet, with up to 100W of power.

Chargers for iPad

You can power up your Apple iPad with Ugreen fast chargers. In our shop we have many products compatible with the latest and slightly older iPads. You can buy here chargers for iPad Pro, iPad Air and iPad 2.

Wireless Chargers

We also provide a wide range of wireless chargers for phone, Smartwatches and other gadgets you use every day. These are products that are compatible with MagSafe, so suitable for iPhone's, iPad's, Apple Watch and AirPods. Wireless chargers MFI Qi will provide 15 watts of power and safe battery charging.

Fast Chargers

What we care most about when we run out of battery phone is charging it as quickly as possible. In the Shop we provide many fast chargers, which within an hour, will get your phone, or tablet running at full capacity again.

Chargers GaN

Chargers GaN are smaller and definitely more efficient accessories than those using silicon. Gallium nitride allows a small GaN charger to hold the power needed to charge a laptop or several devices simultaneously. In addition, it does not allow heat loss as in traditional chargerch, making GaN an energy-saving chargers.

Reviews chargers Ugreen

The chargerch Ugreen reviews speak for themselves:

"The 100W port works great. This is the only charger other company I have found for my S22 that actually achieves very fast charging speeds."

"This is a nice, solid, high quality charger car charger. I have absolutely no complaints about it. It simultaneously charged phone with Android, iPhone and a Mac Book Pro without any problems throughout a 5-day, 3500-mile trip."

Customers in the reviews appreciate Ugreen's chargers' solid workmanship, small size and great design. They are lightweight, fast and work well with phonea variety of brands: Samsung, Apple, Huawei, Xiaomi, Google.

"This charger is the fastest charger I have owned. My phone charges in about 30 minutes, and that's a full charge on an empty battery."