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Mini Jack Cables Ugreen

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Cables mini jacks, also known as mini plugs, are 3.5 mm diameter male connectors used in computer headphones, headsets, microphones, and speaker achs that connect to a sound card. Cables Ugreen mini jacks that you buy from our shop are compatible with tablets, TVs, phones, laptops, as well as electric guitars, audio mixers and amplifiers. You may do not need any additional configuration. Check out our entire offer!

Cables mini Jack

Cables mini jacks are used to transmit uncompressed analog mono or stereo PCM audio signals. However, they do not support surround sound unless multiple pairs are used for this purpose, as in the sound card example. A 3.5mm mini jack cable connection can be found on many AV devices. This type of plug is one example of how sound is transmitted from a computer to a peripheral device.

The 3.5mm headphone jack is a standard audio plug. Cables mini jacks are most often used to connect stereo pairs to a smartphone or to transfer audio from phone to an external amplifier, whether at home or in the car. Depending on the number of rings in the plug, headphones may also include a microphone. Cables mini jacks are often used to connect headphones to a small portable device, such as phone a cell phone or media player. Alternatively, the 3.5mm port is often used as a line-level stereo input/output on a device such as a TV. It is also used to receive stereo sound from a computer or laptop, so you can hear the sound from your computer on speaker TV.

Cables Mini jack stereo often serves as an alternative analog stereo connector to the more common phono connector. However, where available, cables mini jacks are often the only way to listen to audio - such as the headphone output on phone cell phones. It can also make it easier to send audio to other devices. Often various analog stereo connections can be found on the back of the TV.

Cables mini Jack Ugreen

The range of mini Jack cables at our shop is a wide selection of audio cables with different lengths, connectors and colors, suitable for many applications. Each is used to transmit uncompressed analog audio signals, which guarantees clear and natural sound. Cables the mini jacks are available in both mono and stereo versions, with mini jack 3.5mm, jack 6.35mm, 2RCA, or even female terminals.

Products in this category, such as Ugreen AV127, Ugreen AV116, Ugreen AV112 and Ugreen AV198 are made of high-quality materials such as oxide-free copper, nylon and zinc alloy, which guarantees their durability and resistance to damage. All connectors are gold-plated, which ensures excellent sound quality, while increasing the life of the product.

Cables the mini jacks are convenient to use, regardless of their length. Whether you need a cable to connect your smartphone to your home audio system or to connect your sound mixer to speaker, you will find the right cable mini jack to meet your needs. All cables mini jacks in this category are easy to use. Just connect them to the appropriate devices, and you will be able to enjoy excellent sound quality.