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USB-A Cables Ugreen

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Cables USB-A is the most popular type of cable. Commonly used in computers, laptops, mice, keyboards and other electronic equipment. In the Shop we have an exceptionally wide range of these products. You can choose the appropriate length of Ugreen USB cable and the type of connector, as they can also serve as adapters for other ports, such as USB-C or Lightning.

Cables USB-A

Cables USB-A are the most recognized and widely used type of connector. They are characterized by their rectangular shape and can be inserted in only one way. Cables and USB-A ports are compatible with all other versions, from USB 1.0 to the latest USB cable standards. This type of USB cable connection is typically used to connect peripheral devices, such as a mouse, keyboard or game controller, to a host, such as a computer or charging station.

In our shop you can buy cables USB-A to:

  • Mobile device charging stations
  • Computers and laptops
  • Gaming consoles
  • Flash drives and external drives
  • Computer mice and keyboards
  • Docking stations and multi-port adapters.

Cables USB-A Ugreen

Most computers and electronic devices have a USB connection, many of them have cable USB included. In our shop Cables USB-A by Ugreen you can buy separately. In the standard, length and color of your choice. Cables Ugreen's USB-A is a standard flat cable with a rectangular interface, which is found at the end of almost every USB cable. Most computers have multiple USB-A ports for connecting peripherals.

Cables USB Ugreen have different data transfer speed standards, the main ones being:

  • USB 1.x original standard, ancient by modern standards. It is very rare to encounter devices using it today.
  • USB 2.0 introduced many modern USB standards, including support for Mini and Micro cables, USB OTG and others. It is the slowest USB speed still in use. You'll find it on cheap flash drives, devices such as mice and keyboards and the like. Most computers still contain several USB 2.0 ports.
  • USB 3.x is the current standard for USB speed. It is much faster than USB 2.0, so it is recommended for devices such as external drives. Typically, a USB 3.x port or connector can be identified by its blue color. Some cables USB 3.0 also have the SS symbol (which stands for Super Speed). Most newch computers have at least one USB 3 port, and high-quality flash drives use this standard.
  • USB 4.0 is the latest standard. It will become the norm in the next few years, just as it happened with USB 3.

You can use a USB 2.0 Ugreen cable in a USB 3 port or a USB 3 device in a USB 2.0 port, but neither gives you the added benefit of speed. USB 3 has also gone through several "generations" that are difficult to track.

In the Shop you can buy cables USB Ugreen, which are adapters for Lightning, micro USB, USB-C and Display Port.

When it's time to buy newit a USB cable, it's tempting to go for the cheapest option. However, this is most often a bad idea. Poorly made cables can cause problems. These range from slow charging and poor performance, to serious problems such as damage and even fire hazards. Cables USB-A Ugreen do not have this problem, as they have a number of protections against power surges or overheating. Each product has also undergone a series of tests, confirming the complete safety of the devices to which it is connected.