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Cinch Cables Ugreen

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Cables Cinch, also known as cables RCA, is a popular connection type used in audio and video cables. They carry the signal to a TV, projector, camcorder or speakers. In our shop you will buy cables Cinch (RCA) solidly made: with a oxygen free copper core and gold-plated plugs. You can choose any length from 2m to 5m. Check out our entire range of Ugreen products!

Cables Cinch

Cables Cinch have three differently colored plugs at one end that plug into three corresponding jacks on a TV, projector or other output device. They carry audio and video signals from the source device to the output device, such as a TV or speaker. Unlike jacks, analog signals are transmitted via two Cinch cable or Y-Cinch cable with two connectors. Cables Cinch can also transmit digital signals, both analog and digital.

Cables RCA have two types for composite and component video. Cables composite are usually red and white (or black) for right and left audio channels and yellow for composite video. Cables component are more advanced and are sometimes used in HDTVs. Although cables HDMI is a more modern way of connecting devices, cables Cinch they still find many uses. They can be used to connect various audio and video devices, such as cameras to TVs or stereos to speakersets.

The quality of RCA cables depends on several factors:

  • material,
  • the length of the cable,
  • shielding,
  • the material used at the other end of the cable.

The connectors in Ugreen RCA cables are made of gold, silver or copper. Cable length has a negative effect on signal quality. A well shielded cable provides better signal than cable without a solid shield. It is also possible to connect the HDMI output to the RCA input using an HDMI to AV/RCA converter.

Cables Cinch Ugreen

Category "Cables Cinch" in the Shop is the place to find quality audio cables to meet your audio transmission needs. We offer cables made from the highest quality materials that provide excellent sound quality and durability.

Cables Ugreen's cinch cables have a core made of oxygen free copper, which allows for better sound quality than other cables. Internal shielding protects the signal from interference, ensuring clear and crisp sound. Our Ugreen RCA (cinch) cables will allow you to easily connect a variety of audio devices to speaker our TV or other equipment equipped with RCA connectors.

We offer cables RCA cables of various lengths that are ideal for both home and professional audio installations. Ugreen's cinch cables are durable and resistant to damage, so they will serve for many years. Gold-plated plugs and solid workmanship guarantee the reliability and durability of our products.

In our offer you will find cables RCA with different connectors: 2x RCA, RCA to jack 3.5mm or XLR to jack 3.5mm. No matter what kind of audio equipment you have, with us you will find cable, which will enable you to connect it.

Discover a wide selection of Cinch cables in the Shop and enjoy excellent sound quality, regardless of the audio equipment you use.