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Micro USB Cables Ugreen

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When you choose cables micro USB from Ugreen, you get products that meet the highest quality standards and will serve you for a long time. They are used to connect headphones, smartphones and other equipment with new generation devices that use a USB or USB-C port. Feel free to browse our offer and choose the right Ugreen cables and accessories for your devices!

Cables Micro USB Ugreen

Cables micro USB Ugreen are used for charging and data transfer. Our cables support Quick Charge 3.0 fast charging technology and can transfer data at up to 480 Mbps. Depending on your needs, you can choose cable made of PVC, TPE, nylon, aluminum or other high-quality materials.

In the offer of our shop we also have OTG to Micro USB adapters. They allow stable data transfer and are compatible with many devices, such as smartphones, keyboards and game controllers. Thanks to their compact size and lightweight design, Ugreen's OTG Micro USB adapters are easy to take with you on the road, to the office or to the university.

Cables micro USB

Cables Micro USB are very small USB ports that are found on many mobile devices such as phones cell phones (except Apple) products, tablets and other mobile devices. They are much smaller than USB Type A and B cables, and are half as thin as Mini USB cables. Cables Micro USB has been replaced by USB Type C in many new products.

If you can't imagine life without a phone cell phone or digital assistant (PDA), you'll be happy to know that micro USB connectors will soon make these gadgets even more convenient to use. USB, which stands for Universal Serial Bus, is an external cable standard used to connect peripheral devices, such as keyboards, to computers. It is an alternative to its popular predecessors, the serial and parallel standards. After some time, USB technology was refined and reduced to a size known as micro USB.

What is the difference between Micro USB and USB C?

Although at first glance cables Micro USB and USB-C look very similar, they are distinctly different in terms of capabilities. Both appear rounded and small, but micro USB has hooks on the side that appears flat, so it needs to be oriented properly to be plugged in. The cables USB-C, on the other hand, has rounded surfaces with no hooks, allowing it to connect to devices no matter how you turn the connector.

Cables USB-C also have faster data and power transfer, which has prompted many manufacturers to stop using other types of USB in favor of this newj technology. However, the micro USB version is expected to remain available and compatible with many products for years to come, as it has long been the standard version for smartphones, external drives and streaming devices.