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Cables Ugreen

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Cables Ugreen will connect all the electronic devices in your home. You can use them for internet power - cable Ethernet, to your laptop or phone using USB-C, or USB cable. To your monitor and TV with HDMI, aux, cinch connections. You will run all your sound equipment with audio, jack, mini jack cables. Each of them is characterized by the highest quality workmanship. These are sturdy cables, protected at the ends, which will serve you for many years.


Cables Ugreen

In the Shop you can buy a full package of cables and adapters for any type of equipment. What they have in common is their solid workmanship and the certainty of durability for a long time. Protected against damage and excessive bending. Cables Ugreen include:

Cables Ethernet

Cables Ethernet are used to connect the Internet to a laptop, router, TV, or computer via a cable. This type of connection guarantees high-speed data transfer, fiber optic capability, and greater reliability than a wireless Internet connection. Buy here Cables Ugreen brand Ethernet types A and B and in several types, lengths and colors.

Cables USB-A

Cables USB-A, commonly called USB, or USB 2.0, is the most popular type of connector. It is so universal that you will find it in most electronic devices and accessories. Almost any mouse, speakers, or wired keyboard will support this type of USB cable. You will find at least one port of this type on every laptop and computer.

Cables micro USB

Cables micro USB are slowly being phased out of use cables. In their place have entered cables USB and USB-C. In the Shop, however, you will find many solutions to this problem. We offer adapters and adapters from micro USB to USB and cables connecting these two ports or connectors.

Cables USB-C

Cables USB-C is, next to standard USB, the most popular type of port found in phones, laptops and the latest gadgets. Cables USB-C are becoming universal cables, capable of replacing all others. This is due to the standardization of connector types and their standardization by many manufacturers.

Cables Jack

Cables Jack by Ugreen will ensure perfect sound of any audio equipment. Clear and crisp sound from any speaker and microphone. They will also facilitate the connection of mini jack port with cables jack. In addition to cables, we have various types of adapters that will connect even to slightly older equipment.

Cables mini jack

Cables mini Jack increasingly correspond to the connectors in new sound equipment. Using electronics, used for sound, you will usually meet just this type of ports. If it will be an older Jack port, you can buy an adapter, an adapter that will connect the Jack connector to cables with a mini Jack tip without losing sound quality.

Cables HDMI

Cables HDMI are mainly used to connect video display equipment, such as a TV, monitor or laptop. This is the connector most commonly found in this type of electronics. In the Shop buy cables HDMI of various lengths: 2m, 1.5m, 1m suitable for 4K and FHD.

Cables AUX

Cables AUX will help you connect your sound system and gaming equipment. We offer adapters from AUX to mini Jack, to USB-C. This will allow you to connect stereo audio equipment, headphones, microphone, speakers and many other devices.

Cables Cinch (RCA)

Cables Cinch also called RCA, they allow you to operate Hi-Fi equipment. Cinch port is found in televisions, monitors, gaming equipment, and is used to transmit audio and video signals. It is a connector that has been used for many years, so cables Cinch can be adapted to older electronics.

Cables DisplayPort

Cables DisplayPort transmit both audio and video. You will connect them to monitors, TVs, laptops and computers. We offer high quality DisplayPort cables and adapters for: mini DisplayPort, HDMI from Ugreen brand.

Cables Lightning

Cables Lightning are used to operate equipment Apple. With their help you will charge iPhone, iPad and MacBook. This is the only connector that is used exclusively to support devices of one brand. Cables lightning Ugreen you can also buy with a USB or USB-C connector. Such adapters allow you to connect, for example, phone Apple to another brand of laptop.

Cables Microphone XLR

Cables microphone XLR, as the name suggests, are used to connect a microphone, but will also find use in headphones. In the Shop you can buy long cable microfonew, even up to 3 meters. Usually a stronger cable than RCA cable, you can also use it for your amplifier.

Cables Optical

Optical Cables Ugreen are cables for the fastest digital signal transmission. They allow you to transmit the highest quality video between your sound equipment and your TV, or computer. Optical Cables is the best solution if you need perfect picture and sound.

Cables DVI

Cables DVI is cables for TVs, monitors, projectors and many other image display devices. It supports both analog and digital signals, which gives it an advantage over cables HDMI, for example.